The average lifespan of a new smartphone is 21 months.

It’s crazy that an expensive device like a smartphone has such a short lifespan, but the facts speak for themselves.

In earlier years, mobile phones just couldn’t be destroyed and lasted much longer in general. But nowadays, smartphones are prone to break even at the slightest drop. And in the end, they all lose their speed or battery power.

x1 was sick and tired of buying a new smartphone every couple year. That’s why he founded a startup company to create a revolutionary smartphone.

After over 5 years of development, the X One Phone was born.

Meet The X One Phone

The X One Phone is the world’s first flagship smartphone able to maintain its performance for at least 5 years without losing speed or battery life. We focused on what other smartphones from top brands lack: maintaining performance even after years of heavy use.

Notch with 8 MP front camera
16 MP dual camera with dual flash
5.7-inch HD display
Fingerprint sensor unlock

Experience Superior Speed

We worked on new technology for 5 years to create the X One Phone. Our team developed a unique and ultrafast 1.3 GHz quad-core processor that retains its speed much longer than regular smartphone chips. This improvement ensures all your apps run super smoothly.

Take Stunning Pictures

The X One Phone has a 16 MP dual camera with dual flash on the back. The multi-mode combines the 2 lenses to make the shot ultra-sharp. On the front, there’s an 8 MP selfie camera with an optional beauty mode. Both cameras have high-quality lenses that can capture anything in an impressive, startingly clear way.

Doesn’t It Look Great?

The X One Phone is one of the slickest-looking smartphones on the market right now. Its size is great for watching and scrolling at your pleasure. It features a crystal-clear 5.7-inch HD screen with a 90% screen-to-body ratio and incorporated notch for the front camera.

Smart Charge Technology

Smart Charge Technology is a revolutionary method that improves battery performance drastically. The X One Phone combines a powerful 3350 mAh battery with this new technology to give you optimal battery power each time you charge, which results in a prolonged battery life.

The Latest Tech At Your Fingertips

The X One Phone features flagship technology that you would normally only see on expensive high-end smartphones like the iPhone 11, Samsung Galaxy and OnePlus 7. It has Fingerprint and facial recognition unlock which work at an impressive speed of 0.1 seconds.

Fast And Easy To Use

The X One Phone runs on Android 8.1, which is the newest, most easy to use, and fastest version of Android ever. It has easy to follow instructions and is set up in no time. The operating system is completely optimized to run smoothly without any lag. It doesn’t even have any bloatware that might slow down the performance of the phone.

An Affordable Flagship Smartphone

The price is what makes the X One Phone really stand out. At a price that is 8X cheaper than similar flagship smartphones, we are the first brand that offers a flagship smartphone at an affordable price. The reason why we can keep our prices so low? We don’t spend money on advertising. We prefer to let our customers do the talking for us.

X One Phone Features

X One Phone is the first flagship smartphone of the new era, and it’s here to satisfy even the most demanding smartphone users.

Superior Speed

Ultrafast 1.3GHz quad-core processor

High-Resolution Cameras

16 MP dual cam, dual flash, and 8 MP front cam

Crystal-Clear 5.7-inch HD Screen

90% screen-to-body ratio

Smart Charge Technology

Powerful 3350 mAh battery

Flagship Technology

Fingerprint unlock, dual SIM, 4G

Android 8.1

Fastest version of Android

Get the X One Phone for $199 instead of $398

We are giving a 50% discount to the first 5,000 customers

Customer Reviews

Don’t take our word for it. See what our customers say about the X One Phone. People all over the world are using it right now and have shared their experience with us.


I bought it after my Samsung got stolen and I’m just amazed by this phone! It has a very good camera that can make professional pictures. What surprised me the most was the battery. I’m using it for 2 months now and it still lasts two full days even with heavy usage. I have no reason to complain on this perfect phone.


Best phone I’ve ever had. Great value and great performance. Also, shipping was superfast!


Great smartphone for the money! I love the dual camera; the pictures look super sharp. The earphone speaker is very loud, fingerprint unlock works well. It has an amazing overall performance and beautiful, thin display. I definitely recommend this!


Camera is much better than my iPhone 8. Only issue I found is that it’s a bit heavy compared to the iPhone 8.


I’m using the X One Phone for 3 weeks now and it has exceeded my expectations. Installation was a breeze and all apps are running super smooth. The camera takes extremely sharp pictures and the battery life is great.


Works fine, and I’m using it a lot! The battery seems to hold up nicely. I must say that I was impressed with its build quality and features. For this price you really have a flagship smartphone that’s up there with those high-end phones.


Best deal I ever got on a smartphone except for the shipping. It took more than 2 weeks before it arrived.


I was a bit worried that the screen was going to be too big for my small hands, but it’s just fine! I don’t think I’m going back to an iPhone. The X One Phone is much faster and the battery lasts a lot longer.


This phone is better than my Samsung Galaxy! One of the best things about it is that is has no bloatware! It has great battery life and processor speed.


One of the fastest smartphones I’ve ever had! I play a lot of mobile games and the X One Phone handles it perfectly! All apps are running fast and without lag. I don’t think you can find a better phone for the money.


This smartphone is a game changer! No bloatware, smart battery management, super-fast quad core processor that doesn’t slow down.


I love my X One Phone! It’s a beautiful phone all around for me. Very bright screen, sharp camera, excellent audio, great design. And because of the smart charge technology I don’t have to charge my phone every day.


Great phone, super smooth and fast. Does everything it needs to do perfectly. Both the face unlock and the fingerprint reader are very fast. Long battery life. I love that it doesn’t have all those phone brand apps that you end up never using. It makes the OS fast and light! Highly recommended, especially for the price.


Great service and fast delivery! I’m 100% satisfied with this phone. Camera takes really beautiful shots.


This is the fastest phone I’ve ever had. Overall, it’s a very good phone except the screen, it’s just too big for me. I can’t use it with one hand, which for me was a no go. So, now my husband is using it and he’s super happy with it!


Easy to use, great camera, good battery


Best phone for this price! The battery life is pretty insane. I’m charging this about every third day with heavy use! If I don’t use it much it holds more than a week. Never had this kind of battery life with a high-end smartphone.